In- Person Orientation Dates:

9/8- 2-3:30 PM in the Family Resource Center (320 Pacific Place Mount Vernon)
8/10- 4:15-5 PM in the Multipurpose Room at Skagit Valley College (We begin event Set-up at 5 PM)

Online Orientation

When: Thursday September 11, 2014
Where: Skagit Valley College
Time: 9 AM- 3 PM

Skagit Project Homeless Connect provides an opportunity to connect families and individuals experiencing homelessness to health and community services that establish pathways to ongoing recovery and prosperity. As an extension of the Skagit Coalition to End Homelessness, this one-day, annual event seeks to increase awareness and engage the community about the issue of homelessness.

Skagit Project Homeless Connect is open to all families and individuals looking to overcome their barriers to stable housing. In 2013, 834 families and individuals experiencing homelessness or at-risk of being homeless got connected to over 100 service providers and members in our community. 

Services include, but are not limited to haircuts, DSHS services, photo IDs, medical exams, dental care, eye exams, children's services, clothing, veterinary care, bicycle repair, school supplies, and Veterans' services. 


This event could not be possible without the support of dedicated community volunteers to plan and staff the event. The PHC steering committee is made up of community leaders from the public and private sectors and from the multiple community organizations.Over 300 volunteers served in 2012 as guest guides, intake volunteers, medical volunteers, food preparation, set up, take down and other functions.

Planning Meetings: 

PHC Steering Committee Meeting: meets on the  2nd Wednesday of the Month from 2-3 PM in the Community Resource Room, located at 320 Pacific Place Mount Vernon, WA! Our next meeting is Wednesday August 13, 2014!

Community Engagement meets on the 4th Wednesday of the month from 2-3 in the Riverside Classroom (WIC entrance) located at 2221 Riverside Drive, Mount Vernon WA! Our next meeting is Wednesday July 23!

We would like to thank our 2014 Sponsors: